Personal Anecdote
 I start my daily drawing practice in 2015.
The goal: improve my skills and being more comfortable with sketching.
 I created my routine in the evening where I can have some time alone for myself, I saw immediately a positive impact. I felt good, my stress was reduced.
So I encourage you to start a drawing practice not only for improving your art but also for your well-being.
How to start a sketching routine?
6 Easy Steps

So today, I will be giving you plenty of tips on starting a daily drawing routine.
Hope it will give you the motivation :)

1- Find your place.
Start with setting the right mood by creating a peaceful atmosphere. Sit down in a space where you can have at least 15 minutes for yourself. Find a place where you can relax and not be disturbed by noise.

2- Fix a schedule.
Try setting an alarm for yourself at a specific time of day. Even when you are busy, 15 minutes is an achievable amount of time to set aside.
3- Find inspiration.
Thinking of what to draw can be difficult sometimes, so I mainly use Pinterest to find inspiration.
Usually, I checked out the home page for recommended inspiration and choose a random photo or sometimes I explore my boards, I saved many ideas you can check them here
A drawing prompt is a good way to start your daily drawing without searching for hours and hours on what to draw next. You can find many prompt lists online to help you find inspiration.

4- Draw something simple.
In the beginning, don't draw something complex or too challenging, you have to stay motivated and in a good mood.
It should also be something you like, something you resonate with, or familiar with.
6- Enjoy your moment.
Try to be present while you draw, the content of what you draw doesn’t matter if it brings you joy.
You will be more motivated to draw the next day when you enjoy the moment.

Last advice to develop your daily drawing practice.
A daily drawing practice can improve significantly your drawing skills, whether it's 15 minutes or an hour. Drawing must be fun and relaxing; don't take it too seriously: There’s no judgment here.
The sketching routine you create will be a uniquely personal one that works for you!
And it will come naturally to you in everyday life! So stay motivated.
You can do it!

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